Countdown is down

You are probably aware already, but countdown is currently down. I’m not seeing anything on social media about the issue.



We are aware of an issue affecting live bus data, and are actively working to resolve it.

In the meantime, whilst live information is not available, buses are operating as per the published schedule.

This issue is now resolved; live data should now be available again.

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Thank you. It was working for a while but I am getting 502 errors now. EDIT: I got some 502 errors and now I am just getting empty results. EDIT to the EDIT: Was short-lived, it seems to be back. Doesn’t seem stable???

hi @Mulder

There was a restart of the Countdown service just now to sort out some latent issues with Uno buses not reporting. Seems to be OK now once that restart has finished and we’re continuing to monitor stability now that has been completed.

Many thanks,

Great. Thanks for the confirmation. Everything seems to be back to normal :slight_smile:

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