Crowding data availability


I am interested in using the Crowding API data from tfl. The information reported is a share of some baseline.
Where can I find absolute passenger numbers? Where do I find the baseline value for each station?

I downloaded the crowding API information for Naptan and found the following issues:

For 940GZZLUEAC Elephant & Castle Underground Station only zeros are returned.

The following stations are not found at all:

940GZZLUWJN Willesden Junction Underground Station
940GZZLUMMT Monument Underground Station
940GZZLUHSD Hammersmith (Dist&Picc Line) Underground Station
940GZZLUKOY Kensington (Olympia) Underground Station
940GZZBPSUST Battersea Power Station Underground Station
940GZZNEUGST Nine Elms Underground Station
940GZZLUHR5 Heathrow Terminal 5 Underground Station

There is too much data for these two stations (two different values for each time band, which value to use?):

940GZZLUHSC Hammersmith (H&C Line) Underground Station
940GZZLUBNK Bank Underground Station

I’ll appreciate any insights on these issues, thanks in advance.


Hi @Sarah - welcome.

Please see our announcement about Crowding that answers some of your questions.

That covers Monument, Willesden Junction, Heathrow T5 and Olympia.

I’ll look into the others and get back to you here.


@Sarah There is some usable data at which you can use to align the TfL data with.

Also there is this - London Underground Performance Reports – London Datastore - but it’s a bit old

@jamesevans @briantist

Thanks a lot for the information so far.

Regarding Bank Station, I just realized that the two reported values are always equal, so here is no problem. It is just confusing that each time band is listed twice. For Hammersmith, however, the values actually differ.

I’m guessing this is because Bank-Monument is a single station physically (or at least since the escalator link was put in 18 September 1933) but there are physically two stations at Hammersmith with a busy road in-between them.

This site is an excellent reference to these kind of stations

Sorry, I should have also pointed you to Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides which is another source of excellent research.