Crowding information for Wapping

I am trying to get Sunday crowding information for Wapping at APIs: Details - Transport for London - API

910 database gives naptan as 9100WAPPING

But gives me only this:

A web search gives a 910G code as part of the URL which looks like a variant of the Naptan code:


But is no better.

Are there any other naptan codes for Wapping overground?

  • in particular, would there be separate naptan codes for each of the platforms?

Hello, thank you for your questions.

Unfortunately, busyness data is only available for certain stations (I believe it is limited to London Underground and Elizabeth line stations), and is not available for Wapping.

To answer your second question, you can access the full hierarchy of Wapping Rail Station at:
By navigating the children properties of each StopPoint object, you can access child StopPoint objects and their naptanId properties. However, these will not allow you to access busyness information for this station.

@harry As far as I can remember the crowding information was complied from Wifi data, and this was only available at stations where TfL provided the Wifi.

London Overground stations have a separate Wifi system.

Curiously I found a chart for Wapping, at Microsoft Power BI


  • despite the horrendously long URL, it defaults to showing crowding for Abbey Road so you have to reselect Wapping to get to the actual page
  • it wasn’t useful for my intended purpose (I wanted to compare the crowding level of two stations) because there is no vertical scale which incorrectly makes every single station look equally busy. I’m sure that’s not your fault at all, but it rather suggests that TFL is trying to hide something by publishing the information without any vertical scale.
  • there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding chart for Sunday

That seems very logical, except for the existence of a midweek chart supposed for Wapping as mentioned above.

Actually, no wifi at all – at least, not on some platforms on the Wapping line.

OK. Actually the “London Overground Core” which were the stations the track and stations are still owned by TfL.

The rest is run by the contact holder: Arriva Rail London:

“East London Line” before London Overground…

Note that Shoreditch station is where the “Old Station” pub in Shoreditch is …