CRS codes for Darwin queries

How does one reliably get CRS codes for NR queries, can you use the TIPLOC to query departures and arrivals .

The hubnaptan for the transport hubs seems to correspond to the CRS codes , by taking the last 3 letters, the naptans for some stations seem to correspond to the TIPLOC just need to figure out how to get the CRS code for the non-hub NR stations , please assist.

i’m new to darwin are there ways to query it without using a CRS codes but tiploc instead the documentation they offer suggests its by CRS code only

The offical PDF list is

But I would start with CRS, NLC, TIPLOC and STANOX codes, location B

Most TfL stations codes start with “Z” not all.

Thanks Brian , i was asking more about the stations that are on not necessarily tube stations Elizabeth line for example and have national rail connections for example manor park tiploc (MANRPK )is very different to its CRS code (MNP) , i was able to find a json file on the internet that someone compiled that links tiplocs and stanox, its a big file almost a megabyte. if folk want it i’ll link it.

but this for me will allow seamless linking between the two APIs.

Hi there! Darwin is of course a National Rail service rather than a TfL one, but I have a couple of suggestions.

Firstly, although the “public” version of the Darwin Webservice does not allow you to query by TIPLOC, this is possible with the “staff version”. Further information on the two versions is available on the Open Rail Data Wiki.

I would also like to note that if you download the XML data from the NaPTAN dataset, you’ll find that StopPoint objects can have a CrsRef property. You can use this information to relate ATCO codes to CRS codes: