Data Missing for Bus Stop MB (Merton Park Tram Stop)

For the past few weeks there’s been no countdown data for the this stop:

Bus Stop MB

The stop was closed for a few days [before Christmas I think] for some Thames Water works but it’s been open now for weeks. There’s no diversion in place and the stops either side have data. I’m wondering if it was marked as closed and then got forgotten about?

Hi @netstruggler

There appears to be a mismatch with the NaPTAN code for this stop in our API and the one being used in the Countdown system that produces the predictions.

We’re looking into this and will make the relevant correction.

Many thanks,


It’s working again now. Thanks James.

hi @netstruggler - there appeared to be a “filter” in the Countdown backend that stopped predictions. This was removed and it started working again.

Many thanks,