Deciding Station status

Is there a way of finding whether or not a station is currently opened or closed

I’d like to be proved wrong here but I’m not sure there is. The ‘disruptions’ API call will report if a station has been closed due to a problem, but if it’s scheduled to be closed (eg on a Sunday or outside Peak Hours) then I don’t think it will show up.

Oh thats unfortunate

Tube stations generally open 10 minutes before the first train and close 10 minutes after the last train.

We publish PDFs of first/last train times, and this is also available in our timetable data via the Unified API and TransXChange.

Of course, you may also need to factor in any closures as a result of disruption.


Most TfL stations have a first-and-last board Grange Hill, for example

I ended up using the (type=tube) file to work them out so I could display something if the live feeds fail. So you get on a Wednesday

(for Night Tube nights)

There’s a list of “planned and unplanned closures” at Tube, Overground, Elizabeth line, DLR & Tram status updates - Transport for London which you can grab using (more XML)

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I forgot about that StationStatus feed!
By the way, the documentation for that can be found at:

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Thank you, got it working now

Forgive me for being ignorant I don’t really know what I’m doing, but what does a “No step free access” mean, when im accessing the description part of the response for a certain station.

I think it means that the station usually has step free access (e.g. for wheelchair users), but currently doesn’t (usually because of a faulty lift).

Hm, so it doesnt seem like description identifies the status of a station then?

Hm it seems i should be looking at the CssClass instead.

I think the CssClass is a bit misleading. Just because it says “Closed” doesn’t mean the station is closed. Those “No Step Free Access” stations all have a CssClass of “Closed” even though they’re actually open.

I see, what should i be looking at then?

From the manual

  • CssClass - A text code representing the general status of the station e.g. Open, Closed
  • Description - A description of the status of the station e.g. No Step Free Access

Yeah? But neither are exact always, for the status of a station.

@Ja123 I’m sorry, you not being very specific with “neither are exact always”.

I’m happy to help but your not being clear.

I suppose the point is that saying “No Step Free Access” doesn’t indicate whether the station is open or closed.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether that StationStatus feed actually indicates whether a station is closed because service has ended for the day, or if it only indicates disruptions.

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Yeah, my point is that it doesn’t seem like there’s a real way of finding out whether or not a station is opened or closed. As since mentioned above, an open station can have a description of ‘No step free access’ and have a cssclass value of closed.