District line feeds replaced/operated by Circle line "City via Victoria" Wimbledon branch Eastbound

District line showned as “City via Victoria” or to finish at Parsons Green is being replaced by the Circle line on feeds between Wimbledon and Parsons Green (Eastbound).
Can this be looked into please as it creates confusions on my app with the circle line, as a result the positions of the circle line are put random due to this.
Thank you

I also forgot to mention as this problem is similar to the District line on Wimbledon branch, the Circle line between Tower Hill and Gloucester Road (westbound) is being operated by Hammersmith & city line, shown on the feeds. screenshots are provided.
Aldgate station feeds are incorrect and Platform 2 and 3 are served by the circle line which should not.

as train 207 is displayed as “Edgware road” only, train 210 is shown as “Edgware road (Circle line)” (seen in the last screenshot of open map) explains the feeds at Tower Hill to show train 207 is served by Hammersmith & city and train 210 served by Circle line. Luckily no postions on the Hammersmith & city line was spotted by this.


Is this not just because of the work going on for the 4LM project that has closed the Met/Circle/District/H&C over various weekends and will do for another several years?