District stop points

Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question

I’m trying to find all the direct connections between stations on any line.

In the route of the line, any two adjacent stations should be directly connected. However, in this list i end up with this ‘Wimbledon Underground Station’, ‘Edgware Road (Circle Line) Underground Station’

Now from what I know, these two stations aren’t connected. So why does this occur?.

There isn’t a separate Edgware Road (District Line) station. The Circle, District and H&C lines all serve the four platforms at one station and the Edgware Road District lines all (or almost all) serve Wimbledon.

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The service you refer to is called the “Wimble-ware” service, one of the district line services.


The “Circle Line” is a virtual line that use the H&C/Met on the north side of the loop and the District on it’s south side with a tiny unique link in-between.


My Overground line-share explainer.

See also the Met/Picadilly lines same tracks two lines

and the Overground/District lines same tracks two lines


and the Overground Bakerloo lines same tracks two lines

and the Met/Chiltern lines same tracks two lines