DLR strike: impacts on 7-9 November 2023

Please be aware: a strike is planned on the DLR which will affect services between Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9 November 2023.

Full information about strike days and the impact on TfL services can be found on our TfL website Strikes page.

As usual - if you are using our Unified API / realtime data, this will be updated accordingly.

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A software developer says… perhaps TfL should allow the trains to run themselves and allow passengers to decide if they want to “risk” taking them?

Hi, thank you for the update!

I just checked the TfL status and it says Tue 7 and Wed 8 Nov only. From my understanding, the strike is 3 days (7 Nov, 8 Nov, but also 9 Nov). Can you confirm what the correct dates are?
Thank you!

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@ndjik thanks for raising, and apols for any confusion around this.
I can confirm that the DLR strike days are 7 and 8 November, but there may also be minor disruptions to the service on morning of 9 November.

I’ve amended the title of this post which will also hopefully make this clearer.

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Thanks for clarifying!