DLR Timetable API errors (invalid routes)


The data returned for /Line/DLR/Timetable/940GZZDLSTD (stratford) seems to be incorrect in a couple of ways. Firstly neither the inbound or outbound variations of this call return the route from stratford to Woolwich Arsenal, despite every other stop (I think) along this line returning this route correctly (including from stratford international).

Secondly the call includes a route from 940GZZDLSTD that apparently terminates at Lewisham, despite there being no (to my knowledge), route from Stratford to lewisham or vice versa.

Hopefully someone can swap out the invalid lewisham route for the correct woolwich arsenal one! :slight_smile:

Yup. DLR trains run as a shuttle between Stratford and Canary Wharf. The map is incorrect: it should show the route from Canary Wharf to Stratford as a terminator and the thought route to Zone 1 as a separate line.

Yeah, it seems someone somewhere got a bit confused if it’s wrong both on the map and the API, hopefully it can be resolved soon.

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@jamesevans Sorry for the ping but was wondering if there was an update on this? Or if a different team needs to be contacted, as above both the maps and the API response do not reflect reality

Apologies @TomK

I thought I had responded to this thread.

Since 26th September, 8 services in the weekday morning peaks have returned to the DLR running between Lewisham and Stratford.


Although there is a direct route between Stratford and Woolwich Arsenal, this originates from the Stratford International station and routes via Star Lane and Abbey Road. Stratford to Lewisham runs via Pudding Mill Lane and All Saints.

Hope that clears up the confusion



I guess that’s

Ah that’s amazing thank you :slight_smile:

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