Dodgy overwriting of bus working timetables - it's back

In the overnight overload, 23 files have overwritten more recent data. These are for routes 45 91 N91 168 N68 and X68. Four other files have been resuscitated with them (such as the 45 Christmas Eve0 withoiut actually overwriting anything newer.

This is in addition to the residual set outstanding from the big correction exercise a few weeks ago, though some of those have since been replaced with (even) newer material.

I’m pointing this out at the earliest opportunity because experience suggests that once it starts it rapidly gets worse.

Nobody has ever posted an explanation of why this happen so it is hard from the outside to asses whether this means that the problem is not as fully understood as was claimed, or that somebody has not quite done things right.

45 - SCN 55834 (11/7/20) has overwritten SCN 54973 (8/1/21)
91 - SCN 57355 (12/12/20) has overwritten SCN 55763 (8/1/21)
168 - SCN 55864 (1/8/20) has overwritten SCN 57569 (8/1/21)
N68 - SCN 55352 (20/6/20) has overwritten SCN 57578 (8/1/21)
N91 - SCN 57358 (12/12/20) has overwritten SCN 55765 (8/1/21)
X68 - SCN 56461 (29/8/20) has overwritten SCB 57575 (8/1/21)

The common feature is that the overwritten files are all dated 8th January, though there are other files form this date that have not been overwritten. Yet.

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No change this week. No new errors, no existing errors sorted.

Should have been more careful. 45 and N68 are correct again, through the appearance of even newer timetables.