Dodgy schedule for 683

The bus WTT Schedule_683-FrSc.pdf is missing the afternoon service. Presumably incorrect as it runs the rest of the week. Should be time to correct it before term starts!

Term started a long time ago and it has not been corrected. I simply do not believe that a service which has several journeys both mornings and afternoons from Monday to Thursday only runs in the mornings on Fridays.

Hi @mjcarchive the Friday return schedules are included in the JP data, the buses run at 1330,1335,1340 and 1345 from JFS. I have had a look at the schedule files in the scheduling system and the current version in missing, however there is a service change scheduled for 28 October, where the Friday schedules are displayed here in both directions

Matthew ( cc @GerardButler )

Thanks for speedy reply. Not much point in correcting the current schedule now then but it is a bit disappointing that it wasn’t sorted when I raised it a week or so before it went live.