Does the journey planner support other languages?

Hello everyone , i hope all is well, I’d like to build out support for people whose English isn’t the best , which is surprisingly high in london,

The journey planner provides some of its directions in English especially when it requires folk to walk for a few minutes to get to their end point from the nearest TfL stoppoint , i’d like to know if there is a language option, i.e provide directions in spanish or arabic for example, the xml documentation suggests i would just have to send a language header but my application is hitting the JSON API, I cannot find any documentation unfortunately

thanks in advanced


Unfortunately, our Unified API only supports the English language. It is true that our journey planning engine has a language parameter, but this is more of a legacy feature that changed the language of the HTML output on our old Journey Planner website. When using it as an API rather than a website, it is not possible to control the output language.

My only suggestion would be that if you are able to come up with your own translations of directions, then you could combine them with the data you get from the Unified API and provide directions in various languages that way.

We made a multilingual version for the Eurovision Song contest for Network Rail.

Any noted appreciated!.