Hi, I’m using the bus_stops.csv file in my project and I’m having some problems loading it in because the Naptan_Atco field is not unique. Is that a problem with the data (as it was certainly unique when I last loaded it) or my understanding of the data?

As an example, naptan 490012089W2 is present on two stops, LBSL codes H0228 and HC610 in areas FE02 and FE03 respectively. The Bus_stop_code is also duplicated here (75627).

There are over 30 of these duplicates (and one triplicate).

If the data is correct, I can alter my structure to cope with it, but it doesn’t feel right to me.

It’s just like that…

I must admit I’ve never coded against it, it’s always found itself as far as being examined in Excel and then copying the cells you want by hand.

IMHO I would suggest to use it for comparison, rather than something you need to use for your primary data.