Elizabeth Line Heathrow fares

Hi all,

Quick question about fares → currently:

  • Paddington - Heathrow via Elizabeth Line = £11.50 all times of day
  • Anywhere Z1 - Heathrow via Elizabeth Line = £12.80 all times of day

Will the Paddington - Heathrow via EL fare remain the same once phase 2 opens, or will it become £12.80 as well?

Thank you!


@ndjik You can always go to Ealing Broadway, exit the gateline and enter again if you don’t want to pay the “always peak” fare to Zone 1.

that is true, but then you have to wait for the next EL train!


Of course, I suspect that they probably realised that, much like sticking Shoreditch High Street in Zone 1!

What’s the extra £1.30 for … seems a bit strange.

It’s a bit like the using the HS Stratford International to go to King’s Cross ( £6.30/£4.40 )and then paying £2.50 to go to one stop to Euston Square, but the whole tube trip is just £3.20/£2.60 .