Engineering trains

Hi all.

I am an Engineers train operator and have just discovered the API.
Is there a way of working out if a train is an Engineers trains in the API?
I would really appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction.
Thank you

Welcome @Raffa

For services that are carried by Darwin (Liz and Overground and occasional District/Bakerloo), you can see engineering trains because they:

  • Headcode (“trainid”) starts with 5; or
  • isPassengerService===false

For London Underground - you can see in PDF form the Working Timetables (WTT) so they contain stock to sidings and stock to depot movements - Working Timetables (WTT) - Transport for London

Thank you for your reply.
I can find all the engineers trains in paper form by looking at the engineering notice for TFL. I was after something similar to the passenger===“false” data point that all Engineering trains would have in common so that I could identify them live.


There is Trackernet… I’m seeing “Between Northumberland Park Depot and Seven Sisters” in the Victoria Line data.

I’m not sure if it contains 100% of the into and out of depot actions

The manual is here - the stations codes are “odd”.

I’m not seeing the same data in the full line “new” API feed -

Thank you Brian.
Is the trackernet API available for everybody to use or do I need to get a key from somewhere?


I don’t think you need a key. You might get rate-limited if you hammer the connections, but otherwise it’s just a “legacy” feed.