Erroneous lat/lon in journey planner leg

Submitting this query,-0.19276465/to/51.474947,-0.182823 to the journey planner returns this short walking leg in the results

"lineString": "[[58.70179970291, -8.91196339239],[51.47472740438, -0.18313389282],[51.47465060235, -0.18282014910],[51.47476587181, -0.18271476960],[51.47483687544, -0.18265434841],[51.47486339027, -0.18262449491],[51.47487237725, -0.18262413774]]",

The first lat lon is clearly erroneous and makes what should be a short walking leg of a few metres, over 600 miles long! I suspect an erroneous lat lon for a point of interest. Could someone take a look?

Many thanks

Welcome @davemountain

Interesting 58.70179970291, -8.91196339239 seems to match the top right of the UK national grid N square.


Could a null, empty or zero (X,Y) in OSGB transformed into lat, lon. I am reluctant to start accounting for this client-side - looks like something that needs fixing at source?

@davemountain Of course!. I just thought it was interesting that the software seems to internally use the GB grid and then output Lat, long. Given how tricky the maths is* (and I love maths).

Let’s ping @jamesevans and see if he can advise.

  • except in postgres when it’s easy but slow!

Hello, thank you for reporting this issue. We have identified an anomaly in our source data, which we are now investigating. I will report back here when I have news. For reference, this has been logged as ticket #91217.

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Hi Leon

I had an email saying the issue had been resolved, but I can still see the erroneous lat/lon (58.70179970291, -8.91196339239]) in the response to this request,-0.19276465/to/51.474947,-0.182823

Just checking in on this e.g. if we have to wait for a deploy, or if a different fix is required here?

Many thanks
Dave Mountain

Hi Dave,

Apologies for the confusion. We took some steps to try to resolve the issue, and I thought this had fixed the problem. However, when double-checking it, I realised the issue was still present.

We are working with our supplier to determine what is causing these strange coordinates, and I will update here when I have news.

Hi @davemountain, I believe this is now fixed. Please let me know if you continue to see erroneous coordinates.

@LeonByford I don’t think the fix went to prod straight away, but it does now appear to be resolved

Best wishes and thanks
Dave Mountain

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