Errors in BODS data

I was having a look through the BODS data this evening and noticed quite a lot of, well basically nonsense vehicle workings:

We haven’t captured these in the Countdown data so could someone provide an explanation please? We’re curious to know as to how the feeds can provide differing data?

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Over the last couple of days we’ve tried to add the TfL data in BODS as a backup data source for when the TfL Countdown feed isn’t tracking all the vehicles out on a route (due to such things as the correct schedules not being loaded etc.), however, the problem I raised above back in February is still present in the BODS data - apparently today the BODS data has shown

  • a Go-Ahead electric single decker (SEe109) on the 436
  • several other single deckers on double deck worked route 18
  • an electric decker (Ee44) from Go-Ahead’s Northumberland Park depot on route 1 (not worked by that depot)
  • Go-Ahead’s EH121 on the 12
  • a single door, single decker on route 111

To name but a few…

Does that data that goes to BODS not get validated in the same way it does for the Countdown feed?

We’ve disabled the BODS TfL input until it either becomes more accurate or we can work out a way to accurately ignore the erroneous data.