Errors on TfL's Earls Court live Tube information page

This TfL operated tube information page contains incomplete and/or incorrect information about train arrivals and needs to be fixed:

For example:

  1. On refreshing the page, some trains disappear and then re-appear. The ones I have noticed have been Due but this may be coincidence.
  2. Trains to Richmond and Ealing Broadway (District Line westbound) do not appear to show consistently
  3. Arrivals shown for Earls Court are not consistent with information for (the same) trains arriving at Gloucester Road which then pass through Earls Court a few minutes later. Compare Earls Court page linked above with the equivalent page for Gloucester Road here:,district
  4. This message shows frequently for the Earls Court page at times when the information on the same trains is shown on the e.g. Gloucester Road equivalent page:
    Live Updates
    Live updates are not available for this location at the moment. Please see [Timetables] to check the frequency of your service.