Ferry Data Issues

Few issues with ferry data.

Firstly, some of the piers have multiple stops in NAPTAN and this causes a bit of a mess with data in my opinion. Some piers have only the one.
Barking Riverside has 2 piers, Royal Woolwich Arsenal only has 1, Canary Wharf has 3, Tower Millennium Pier has 4 stops on NAPTAN. It’s all a mess. There is no consistency either with how routes link to these stops. I think there may be some logic somewhere, I am just yet to find it and really it should all be cleaned up as it is very inconsistent.

Secondly, Thames River Sightseeing, not sure why these are promoted but either way, the timetable is wrong and the times change regularly. If Thames River Sightseeing are included, why isn’t City Cruises given they literally run the same thing?

Thirdly, it’s a shame Hammerton ferry is missing. Turk Launches I am sure is normally missing a couple of other routes.