Freedom passes not programmed in at Reading

Freedom passes are now valid up to Reading (provided that you travel on a Liz Line train, after 9am). But they have forgotten to program the gates at Reading to let you in and out of the station.

Whose job is it to fix this, and why didn’t somebody remind them to do it before Liz Line opened? They had plenty of time … an extra few years, so nobody can say they didn’t have time.

[I presume the same problem also applies to other Liz Line stations].

Perhaps this should have come the fore too?

I thought that had been possible in theory ever since TfL took over the slow line quite a long time ago. I had certainly been annoying my friends who live just outside London that I could travel to Reading for free!

That would make the failure to program the fates by now even more surprising.

This is a developer forum for the API and Open Data, not for general customer service queries. I’d recommend going through this page for options on how to contact TfL.

The most relevant options seem to be:

Great Greek reference there! I presume that the problem for Abbey Wood, Custom House and Farringdon can be solved by programming some touch readers as “pink readers” ?

There are (or at least were) already pink readers in Zone 1 at Whitechapel Overground ?

Hi @harry

Unfortunately, my area doesn’t look after the gate readers themselves.

I would suggest raising an enquiry on this form so that the customer service agents can route the enquiry properly.


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@briantist Whitechapel is zone 2. Pink readers won’t help when the problem is people arriving on paper tickets from outside Oyster area and needing to touch in to start a journey.

@MikeWh Of course.

I guess the answer is a normal Oyster machine like you find at Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line platforms) and Stratford (DLR and Greater Anglia platforms) so you can start a journey?

Of course, I suspect the right answer was always “buy a ticket to where you’re going to” !!!

While it’s not an advertised feature of them, tapping a pink reader while not on a journey will give you the benefit of the doubt and start the journey, so in that specific case yes it would be helpful.

Doesn’t work for the opposite scenario though - you definitely cannot finish a journey on a pink reader.

@arturs I’m not sure if that’s useful…

I once tried to make a trip from Stratford to Watford Junction using two “walking connections” on the tube map (Finchley Road & Frognal to Finchley Road and then Northwick Park to Kenton) and the people on the Oyster helpline said that I must touch the pink reader in Willesden Junction to get the “didn’t go into Zone 1” fare. Because the Single Fare Finder says so.

So, I just gave up using these get-heathy-by-walking-a-bit routes if they’ve going to just assume I went into Zone 1!

Not much point taking this rather nice route for a day out in Watford if it’s going to cost me a FIVER MORE to walk bits myself.

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That’s entirely irrelevant to the point I was making, which was that if you’re changing from a paper ticket to an Oyster, you can just tap a pink reader instead of leaving and re-entering the station.

Well, there you go. Sorry.