Get arrival time of a bus in a bus stop


I want to know realtime bus (s4) in a bus stop ( woodcote Green).
I tried with following and it did not work“Roundshaw”&lineId=s4&lineName=S4&naptanId=490014138S&destinationNaptanId=490009186N&app_key={{app_key}}&app_id={{app_id}}

I could not filter by bus number

How to do ?

Welcome @mkarthi

The usual method is to get the bus stop data

and filter it yourself.

Another option is to use the Live Bus Stream

and filter, filter, filter!

thank you for quick reply.
I will use first method.

I’m aiming to get a text only reply for the api and then followed by filtering so that my son can use it in his nokia phone ( text only) :slight_smile:

There is an ancient SMS system for each bus stop. shows this

For arrival times of the next bus, text 76611 to 87287

It might be less work.

Thanks for that @briantist

@mkarthi - please be aware the terms & conditions of the SMS service, including the charges.


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