Get vehicle information


Would it be possible to add a new endpoint which returns data about a specific vehicle? Logically it would go at{id} (consistent with the vehicle arrival endpoint). I’m mainly looking for information about a vehicle which isn’t going to constantly change at each stop, such as:

  • Mode (eg “bus”)
  • RegistrationNumber for modes which have one (eg “SN17 MLJ”)
  • BoatName for modes which have one (eg “Hurricane Clipper”)
  • ColourOfStripeOnSideOfBoat for boats (eg “#5DA269”)
  • LinesServed for tube trains (eg [“circle”,“district”,“hammersmith-city”,“metropolitan”])

I know some of this data can be taken from the vehicle arrivals endpoint, but that requires making a lot of assumptions on my end about which might change in what circumstances, and only works when a given vehicle is actually in service. I’d rather TFL own the canonical list of these data types, so I don’t need to maintain data files for things like vehicleId to boat name mappings.