Gets a list of StopPoints within {radius} by the specified criteria

Can someone please tell me exactly what I need to add to these textfields, please?!/StopPoint/StopPoint_GetByGeoPoint

useStopPointHeirarchy: a simple true/false - true if you want the output returned as a hierarchy (i.e. TopMostParent and then children iteratively, false if you just want a list

modes: you most probably want ‘bus’ here, possibly ‘bus,tram’

categories: probably leave blank to return all the possible data. If you want to refine the returned output, do what Swagger says and use stopPoint/Meta/categories to get the list in order to decide which categories of data to include/exclude

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I am also having problems with this end point, I always get a “EntityNotFoundException” 404 error, no matter what query parameters I use.
Do you get back a valid result?

Here is the full url I call (please update the id and keys accordingly to test):