Greater Anglia platforms

Slightly off topic, but I’m wondering if anybody can give me a pointer to a database or list of stations that would include the length of London Overground and Greater Anglia platforms in London and Hertfordshire.

Also whether it’s possible to get:

  • a timetable for any given day (past, present and near future) showing the planned/intended/contracted length of trains that should be running
  • a historical list showing the length of each train that was actually running on any given day
  • an official historic estimate of the crowding of individual trains running between each station and the next on any given day

For length, either an actual distance or a number of carriages would be adequate.

Basically, the answer is “no”.

The public system, Darwin, which you might expect to have this information in it doesn’t have any details of train “formations” (lengths) for most train services.

On a brighter note, you can look at all the platform lengths you like here
Find “Anglia Sectional Appendix March 2019.pdf” and find “download”.