Hammersmith Bus Station Stop B Tracking


For a number of months now, there is no RTI information available for Hammersmith Bus Station Stop B (Buses towards Chiswick). On tracking apps, this stop is incorrectly listed as “Glenthorne House”. It also means if you look up a route e.g. route 267 it will incorrectly show the first stop after the bus as terminated as “Livat Hammersmith Shopping Centre” rather than the pickup stop in Hammersmith Bus Station

Please can this be addressed?

Thanks in advance

hi @LB1 - welcome!

I think this is because both Hammersmith Bus Station B and Glenthorne House both have the SMS code as NONE and the interface you are using is defaulting to Glenthorne on that basis.

I have raised the fact that the SMS code is missing for both stops with my colleagues who look after Countdown.


Ref: INC000000809968