Heathrow Hopper Issues

Rather than have this in the ‘wrong stop locations’ thread, I thought I would keep this separate as it relates to locations and names.

Hotel Hoppa Issues
For some reason, stops which are served by the Heathrow Hopper service (under LSP) are a bit of a mess.
Courtyard Marriot, Holiday Inn Stalybridge Suites, Holiday Inn/Crowne Plaza T4, Moxy and Premier Inn T4 are all missing their stops.

There seems to be an issue with Travelodge 490020182E which should be Ibis Budget and Park Inn Hotel 490020172S should be Raddison/Raddison Red.

Hyatt Place and Premier Inn T5 Hotel seems to acting weird on Google Maps. When I’ve converted the easting/northing to Long/latt, these details are correct but Google Maps doesn’t seem to like them, could it perhaps be a good idea to start including Long/Latt on NAPTAN incase it’s that conversion which Google doesn’t like.

Heathrow Terminal Issues
It’s noticeable that most of the bus stops at Heathrow Terminals aren’t set up correctly and this is leading to dismal open data from operators for their routes which they run out of Heathrow. While I know this doesn’t affect TFL services, it affects everyone else.

Terminal 2 only has ‘stop 9’ on NAPTAN bur RailAir services are using Stop 11.
Terminal 3 has a few stops but they are in the wrong place and still missing 2 of the stands which are needed, stand 7 for RailAir and stand 13 for Hotel Hoppa
Terminal 4 has some stops in strange places albeit it does seem to cover all of the stops which buses use currently.
Terminal 5 has stand 8 (4900164309) in a strange place. Missing stand 9. Stand 1 and 7 are showing ‘stop’ for the stop name, being picky granted but should be consistent through the database. Random stop named ‘stop’ (490016430ZZ)
Central Bus Station needs revising too as ‘Stand 8’ should be renamed to ‘Coach Stands’ seeing as passengers now wait in the lounge and coach stands seem to change regularly (I don’t believe any coaches have a set stand anymore, it’s all just announced as the coach turns up)

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Has anyone at TFL picked this up? Just checking as I notice TFL staff replying to other threads.

Hi, sorry we hadn’t picked this up. I have raised this with our data team.

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Hi Leon, I just wanted to let you know that these issues all remain at Heathrow. Just thought it’s worth a nudge as it’s now the new year, just in case anyone forgot about it over Christmas.

Hi, sorry for the wait. I’ve just asked our data team for an update on this.

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Hi Leon, Just to keep you upto date, none of these issues, nor the ones I have raised on the other thread have been sorted (Wrong Bus stop Locations - #45 by petejackson745).

Hi. I asked our data team about this again yesterday. They will look at addressing these issues when they are able.

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