Help with Archived Footage!

Hi All, I new here :slight_smile:

Trying to find archived TfL camera footage from the camera on Finchley Road / West End Lane from the morning of Sunday 10 September 2023.

Can any of you clever people help me with this? We’re trying to identify the vehicle that smashed into my partners parked car as he was standing next to it.

No luck yet…

The car was a dark coloured Mercedes that smashed into the back of our parked car on Finchley Road, between 7:35 and 7:40am on 10 September 2003. It then drove off. My partner was close to being hit by the car.


Sorry, but we’ve been here before with this - JamCam multiple historic images - and TfL don’t keen any archives.

hi @engo - unfortunately we’re unable to help in this forum as this relates to open data.

I would suggest looking at the information here regarding a subject access request for CCTV.