How can one retrieve list of unique staions data for tube,dlr ,tram and overground?

If I point to the api returns 1683 objects. Which includes duplicated entry in the form of entrance 1, entrance 2 etc.

For example, point to that endpoint above and search for “stationNaptan”: “940GZZLUAMS” youll get 14 results including children element. My aim is to create a List with unique stations name for tube, dlr, tram and overground. Cant figure out how or if it can be done using the api?

hi @syed-hoque,

it may be worth filtering the response from the API using the StopPoint types (perhaps NaptanMetroStation or NaptanRailStation)


James Evans
Technology Service Operations

Is there an API which returns a list of all the Overground station coordinates, like it does for the tube stations?
Thank you.


Start with this to get the list of id values,overground,dlr,tflrail,tram/status

and plug in into line…arrivals

and then loop though the naptanId to get the lat and lon


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I’ve already looked at those URLs. Yes, I know I can extract lat and lon values manually. Several Tube URLs have a “coordinates” array where they include all the coordinates for a given line. Do any Overground URLs have this? Thank you.

Have a look at /Line/london-overground/Route/Sequence/{direction], where direction is outbound or inbound. This has both the linestrings array and the individual stop coordinates

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Try Naptan >>> NaPTAN and NPTG - NaPTAN - DfT


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