How to find departures from terminal stations

But, Google Maps seems to have the right data.

Actually, Google is showing the timetable.

Year old bump. Hello

I don’t really know how the TfL departure database is populated, but I believe it is via the TrackerNet system, which receives data from a mish-mash of various systems across the London Underground network, with a corresponding variation in the quality of the available data.

I can see that TrackerNet has good destination data for trains in the platform at some terminal stations eg. Cockfosters and Ealing Broadway (because I have access to TrackerNet), so I don’t see why all departures should be listed as ‘Check front of Train’ on the TfL Live departures display for those stations?

I don’t know if TrackerNet has accurate departure times for the trains in the platform.

Happy 4 year anniversary on an issue reported and not resolved. @jamesevans @davidtan

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Indeed. I’d be happy with a faux-timetable feed than no-bloody-data!

I note that NRE Darwin has a much better stab at Bakerloo line trains at Harrow & Wealdstone

compared to TfL

Same problem here!! Not just the terminal stations, but also for intermediate ones where trains often stop for long periods of time (e.g. Earls Court).

Welcome @ozne

I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with Earl’s Court…

Hi @briantist. Thanks for your answer!
I can indeed see data through the API. The issue is that those are arrival times, not departure times. The District Line trains at Earls Court very often hold onto the platform for several minutes, making arrival times less useful.


There’s no mention of this in the Working Timetables.

I think as far as TfL are concerned these events aren’t actually happening. Clearly this is just trains waiting for clearance to go though Cromwell Road junction, Warwick Road junction and West Ken East Junctions…

Hello @jamesevans ! Just checking to see if there have been any updates on getting departure data?

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I noticed the ReadMe for the latest TfL GO app says:
" 1.21.0 24 Feb 2022
It’s now possible to see either live or timetabled arrivals or departure times for every transport stage in a route when planning journeys"

… and wondered if that would help.
Ideally, one would want to see a hybrid of live trains and timetabled trains, and it sounds as if that’s what the ReadMe is saying, although only for the JP data.

In practice, I don’t see any change in the JP, either in that app not the website.

I did also notice that since that same date, or close, Picc stations to the east of Northfields are almost constantly showing a train, TrainId 002, current location Northfields Depot, due to arrive at Northfields in 1-2 minutes. That time keeps shuffling so all day 002 is about to depart.
Don’t think this is anything to do with trains entering service at Northfields, as they still first appear at ‘Northfields crossover’, with a valid TrainId, and do actually materialise.

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Hmmm. There’s your train 002; in Northfields siding.

The siding is being rebuilt ATM and I suspect that’s not a train but track circuits which have been set active as part of the protection to stop trains being signaled in there. It shouldn’t be appearing as a train in any of the prediction data - but it seems that it is.


Interesting, many thanks.
So just a coincidence it appeared at the same time as the wording in the GO app made me think there was a change in the datastream.


Quick sense check to your statement returns a negative…

The answer is still a negative. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve been trying to understand what they can mean by “It’s now possible to see either live or timetabled arrivals or departure times for every transport stage in a route when planning journeys”

JP must always use timetable data, so all I can guess is that JP now used live arrivals for journeys in the near future. [shrug]
As you have observed, there’s been no improvement in predictions at/near termini.

Finally, in passing, the Northfields Depot phantom TrainId 002, as of yesterday, changed to 001.

Hi @briantist Where did you get this image from? do you have this map detail for the entire network? Thanks

Welcome @Chris-Waters

It’s the excellent “cartometro” map which is online and very detailed…


Brilliant! Thanks @briantist

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I know this is quite an old topic and the passage of time suggests that TfL are not too interested in implementing this feature, but I just wanted to add my name to the list of people hoping for live bus and tube departure times to be included in the Unified API. It would really help us to create apps that are useful for people living near terminus stations. I know other services are able to provide this information (for example traveline sw, which is possibly what Google and other apps rely on) so I would hope it is technically feasible to add it to the Unified API.

If I should direct this feedback elsewhere please let me know.


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