How to use TfL API for getting line status during provided dates


I try to use:
Gets the line status for given line ids during the provided dates e.g Minor Delays

I am trying various date formats (not clear in documentation!) for parameters startDate and endDate, for instance using 2017-05-01 and 2017-05-31,
that is the request URL is:{StartDate}/to/{EndDate}?detail=true&startDate=2017-05-01&endDate=2017-05-31

but I get following 404 message when testing the service (button Try):
"$type": “Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.ApiError, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”,
“timestampUtc”: “2017-06-18T14:12:25.6365186Z”,
“exceptionType”: “EntityNotFoundException”,
“httpStatusCode”: 404,
“httpStatus”: “NotFound”,
“relativeUri”: “/Line/victoria/Status/%7BStartDate%7D/to/%7BEndDate%7D?detail=true&startDate=2017-05-01&endDate=2017-05-31”,
“message”: “Resource not found: http://api:8001/Line/victoria/Status/{StartDate}/to/{EndDate}?detail=true&startDate=2017-05-01&endDate=2017-05-31

What is incorrect in my request?


Hi Herve,

I believe the syntax of your request should be:

However, our API doesn’t currently hold historical disruptions data - it will only return results for live or planned disruptions in the present/future.

TfL Online Operations


Hi James,
thank you very much for your answer.
Just to know, is it planned to have the service getting historical data?