ICS Feed throwing 405 Method not allowed

Since 12:01 27-12-2017 the http://ics.jplive.tfl.gov.uk/ics/XML_ADDINFO_REQUEST is returning a 405 Method not allowed error, and when you go to this page in a browser it shows the following:

Was there any information about this anywhere and when is it likely to come back online?


We’re having an issue with our infrastructure which is causing this.

We’re also experiencing issues with the JP API (legacy) although the Unified API is still working.

We’re investigating under a high severity incident - SVC-4930 - and we’ll let you know once we have resolved the issue.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations

Hi James

I can see that we are now receiving messages from the ICS server however we are unable to post resync requests and get the following error:


Hi @rich

We removed the maintenance page temporarily to diagnose the issue.

We’re still investigating the issue but we believe we are narrowing in on the issue.

I’ll keep you posted.



We believe this has been resolved now.

Please let me know if you’re still having issues.



I have checked and resync’s are being successfully posted.

Many thanks