Incorrect timetable for River boats


The change in timetable on 11th June 2018 doesn’t seem to have been to uploaded to the unified API. Is it possible to find out when this will be updated please?

i.e. shows a 08:25 departure from Masthouse Terrace when the official timetable shows that on the 11th June it was changed to 08:15: Timetable - Uber Boat by Thames Clippers



Hello - is there any update on this please? I note that in Newsletter 247 you say that the new summer timetable is loaded, but this is not the case.

Citymapper is also showing the wrong timetable too!


Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delays.
Could you please provide more information regarding the timetable and which piers from and to?
I can’t seem to find the error.

Pamella Arnold
TSO Digital

Judging from the Working Timetables Graveyard, which includes current and past river bus working timetables services RB1 RB2 RB4 RB6 and RB6A were revised on 11th June.

Hey @pamellaarnold

Sure! An example - any morning departure from Masthouse terrace westbound Monday-Friday has the wrong time

i.e.: Masthouse Terrace → Westminster shows:

08:05, 08:25 and 08:45 departures on this link: (under Timetable → Routes → 0 ->schedules → 0-> knownJourneys → array index 4,5,6

Where as shows RB1 departures as 07:55, 08:15 and 08:35

All for RB1 boats

BTW - The thames clipper website is definitely correct - That is when the boats turn up - the TFL API seems to have the previous timetable (the boats used to call at 08:05, 08:25 and 08:45 but they changed after 11th June.)


Yeah its odd- from what i can understand of that website (assume you mean London Bus Timetable Graveyard) - they’re also showing the 08:25 (as an example) as the time of the boat - but its definitely not!

They amended the timetable a couple of times this year, the most latest was an amend to morning boat times - Service Changes - Uber Boat by Thames Clippers which doesn’t seem to have been picked up by the TFL APIs - maybe they didnt tell TFL?!

I Quote from the above link: “The revised timetable affects morning peak RB1 and RB6 weekdays ONLY and will take effect from 11 June 2018.”


Unless I’m reading it wrong the current RB1 working timetable on “mjcarchive” (damn, that’s blown my cover!) DOES show the 0755, 0815/35 sequence.

If the WTT is wrong it would suggest that the operator has not supplied the right data to TfL. If the WTT is correct it looks like a failure on TfL’s part to load the data supplied.



I heard back from the TFL developer support email and they have said they’re looking into it any are hoping to update the timetable today (but it may take a week to process) so I’ll report back here soon!

Thanks for your help @mjcarchive and @pamellaarnold!

This is resolved now! The link I posted in my first message has now been updated with the correct details.

Thanks @pamellaarnold :slight_smile: