Initial registration is confusing

I’ve just registered for an account on and after accessing my account I can’t find any API keys to use. The Products page says Anonymous users can access up to 50 API requests per minute and if more are needed to Subscribe for up to 500.
Where do we get the API keys to use for up to 50 requests?

Regardless, I have subscribed for up to 500 and now have my API keys, but thought i’d point out how confusing it is for a new user.

Anonymous users are those that aren’t using any API keys, as there’s no way to link those requests to a user.

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Ah ok. That’s not really clear anywhere on the website as all the API tests ask for API keys and the Postman scripts ask for API keys.

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Is there anywhere that says how we use our Primary/Secondary keys? Am I supposed to use a param or header param when making an API request? I can’t find any documentation for this.

You can use either the primary key or your secondary key in the app_key parameter. As I explained in the other thread, there are two keys because you can use them in different apps, and if you need to revoke one key, then the apps using the other key can continue working.

The reason that anonymous requests aren’t advertised clearly are because those are for limited tests and are severely rate limited, so use of them is discouraged and you’re asked to always use API keys

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