Is there a way of avoiding Heathrow express?

I am new using the API.
Is there a way of avoiding Heathrow Express when requesting a journey?
Part of the request below uses Heathrow Express and I would like to avoid that specifically. I want to keep national-rail but not including Heathrow Express., -0.104488/to/51.471904, -0.489313?&mode=tube,national-rail&date=20230425&time=1025

Many thanks.

@albertogomez Welcome.

How about using via=940GZZLUEBY to ask for via Ealing Broadway? All Liz Line Heathrow trains stop there but the HX never does.

Many thanks for the info provided, really good intel.
The use case is a comparison in terms of travel time to Heathrow with and without Heathrow Express for different areas within London. I can try that out and see what I get.
Although this is not related to the question above:

  • Does the Journey Planner feed provides cost of the travel (including Hex?). I reviewed some discussions here and it seems there are some issues with that
  • Do you know if there is aditional documentation available for the Unified API apart from the one found here?: TfL Unified API



Good luck. The HX is a slightly annoying link that without price consideration.
Cost of travel is the Single-Fare-Finder:

There’s no API, but you can redirect to the site using ?From= and/or &FromId= (naptan)

     GOTOURL = "";

and yes, the correct entry point for the docs is APIs: List - Transport for London - API

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Hi @albertogomez

Another thing you could try is selecting all modes besides National Rail. However, this would mean other National Rail services wouldn’t show. The API currently doesn’t distinguish between different National Rail operators.

We are currently exploring showing an alternative route which doesn’t contain Heathrow Express, I will share key updates on this forum

Thanks @briantist for the support

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@jwithers yes, the problem with that approach is that I need network rail modes as well.
In terms of future enhancements it would be very useful being able to not include specific services (e.g. circle line, Piccadilly, etc) as part of the request.