Is there any API for accessing individual TFL customer daily journey with details?


Is there any API for accessing individual TFL customer daily journey with details? Such as starting point and destination and time.


For the moment, you can get a per-user .CSV file by email each week.


Thanks for the tip! May I know what the email address is and is there any specific subject required on the email?


Here’s some of the CSV files that I have been emailed over the last month or so

Date,Start Time,End Time,Journey/Action,Charge,Credit,Balance,Note
02-Nov-2017,22:10,22:19,“St Pancras International [HS1] to Stratford International [HS1]”,3.80,15.05,"“
02-Nov-2017,21:38,22:03,“Shepherd’s Bush Market to Kings Cross (Met, Circle, H&C lines)”,2.40,18.85,”“
02-Nov-2017,17:56,18:24,“Kings Cross (Met, Circle, H&C lines) to Shepherd’s Bush Market”,2.90,21.25,”“
02-Nov-2017,17:26,17:38,“Stratford International [HS1] to St Pancras International [HS1]”,5.50,24.15,”“
31-Oct-2017,13:43,“Bus journey, route 308”,1.50,29.65,”“
31-Oct-2017,12:52,13:01,“Stratford to Homerton”,1.50,31.15,”"

Date,Start Time,End Time,Journey/Action,Charge,Credit,Balance,Note
26-Oct-2017,13:53,14:03,“St Pancras International [HS1] to Stratford International [HS1]”,3.80,32.65,"“
26-Oct-2017,13:40,“Bus journey, route 46”,1.50,36.45,”“
26-Oct-2017,12:15,“Bus journey, route 63”,1.50,37.95,”“
26-Oct-2017,11:53,12:08,“Stratford International [HS1] to St Pancras International [HS1]”,3.80,39.45,”“
24-Oct-2017,10:30,11:02,“Waterloo (Jubilee line entrance) to Stratford”,2.40,43.25,”“
23-Oct-2017,08:59,09:29,“Stratford to Waterloo (Jubilee line entrance)”,2.90,45.65,”“
23-Oct-2017,08:59,“Auto top-up, Stratford”,40.00,48.55,”"

Date,Start Time,End Time,Journey/Action,Charge,Credit,Balance,Note
30-Jul-2017,13:14,13:38,“Tottenham Court Road to Stratford”,2.40,26.25,"“
30-Jul-2017,11:34,12:01,“Stratford to Tottenham Court Road”,2.40,28.65,”“
28-Jul-2017,14:09,14:21,“Stratford to Stratford International DLR”,1.50,31.05,”“
28-Jul-2017,14:02,“Bus journey, route 25”,1.50,32.55,”“
28-Jul-2017,12:16,“Bus journey, route 25”,1.50,34.05,”“
28-Jul-2017,12:08,12:14,“Stratford International DLR to Stratford”,1.50,35.55,”"

Date,Start Time,End Time,Journey/Action,Charge,Credit,Balance,Note
13-Oct-2017,13:21,13:44,“Tottenham Court Road to Stratford”,2.40,39.45,"“
13-Oct-2017,12:24,13:00,“Stratford to Warren Street”,2.40,41.85,”“
11-Oct-2017,12:37,13:04,“Waterloo (Jubilee line entrance) to Stratford”,2.40,44.25,”“
11-Oct-2017,11:23,“Bus journey, route 188”,1.50,46.65,”“
11-Oct-2017,11:00,11:17,“Stratford International DLR to North Greenwich”,1.50,48.15,”“
11-Oct-2017,11:00,“Auto top-up, Stratford International DLR”,40.00,49.65,”“
10-Oct-2017,15:54,16:33,“Euston [London Underground] to Stratford International DLR”,2.40,9.65,”“
10-Oct-2017,11:22,”[No touch-in] to St Pancras International [HS1]",3.80,12.05,“We are not able to show where you touched in during this journey"
09-Oct-2017,19:14,“Bus journey, route 97”,.00,15.85,“You have not been charged for this journey as it is viewed as a continuation of your previous journey"
09-Oct-2017,18:42,“Bus journey, route 97”,1.50,15.85,””

Date,Start Time,End Time,Journey/Action,Charge,Credit,Balance,Note
20-Oct-2017,11:20,12:11,“Beckton DLR to Stratford International DLR”,1.50,8.55,"“
20-Oct-2017,10:43,11:19,“Stratford International DLR to Beckton DLR”,1.50,10.05,”“
19-Oct-2017,13:16,13:57,“Swiss Cottage to Stratford”,2.40,11.55,”“
19-Oct-2017,10:36,11:12,“Whitechapel to Swiss Cottage”,2.40,13.95,”“
19-Oct-2017,08:58,09:12,“Stratford to Whitechapel”,1.70,16.35,”“
18-Oct-2017,23:34,23:44,“St Pancras International [HS1] to Stratford International [HS1]”,3.80,18.05,”“
18-Oct-2017,23:24,23:31,“Euston [London Underground] to Kings Cross [London Underground / National Rail]”,2.40,21.85,”“
18-Oct-2017,12:11,12:16,“Kings Cross (Piccadilly, Victoria lines) to Euston [London Underground]”,2.40,24.25,”“
18-Oct-2017,11:54,12:08,“Stratford International [HS1] to St Pancras International [HS1]”,3.80,26.65,”“
17-Oct-2017,12:36,13:14,“Lewisham DLR to Stratford”,1.50,30.45,”“
17-Oct-2017,11:33,12:10,“Stratford to Lewisham DLR”,1.50,31.95,”“
16-Oct-2017,14:21,14:40,“North Greenwich to Stratford International DLR”,1.50,33.45,”“
16-Oct-2017,14:01,“Bus journey, route 129”,1.50,34.95,”“
16-Oct-2017,13:02,13:44,“Woolwich Arsenal DLR to Cutty Sark DLR”,1.50,36.45,”“
16-Oct-2017,12:15,12:44,“Stratford International DLR to Woolwich Arsenal DLR”,1.50,37.95,”"


How do you subscribe to this? I don’t seem to be able to find it :frowning:


If you log into the Oyster section of the TfL website and go to ‘View journey history’ there will be a link “Set up email statement” in the text just below your Oyster card number.

You can select how often the email is sent - Never, Weekly and Monthly and also the format - PDF, CSV or PDF and CSV.