Is this fare (£1.50) correct?

I was surprised to see the journey planner calculate a £1.50 fare for a 2+ hour journey.

The hopper fare covers the first two buses (the second journey started within an hour of the first) but I’d expect the third bus to charge again.

[Edit] Looking again, I see the third bus starts exactly one hour after the first – but presumably, if that bus is even 1 minute late, it would double the charge? So I suspect it’s actually 50/50 whether the user would be charged £1.50 or £3 for that journey.

Assuming it’s not, I think it would be wise to calculate a £3 fare – the traveller would be happier to be charged less if the third bus arrives on time but would be most annoyed to be charged double if the bus fails to arrive on time.

Or, is the final calculation based on the timetable to take into account of circumstances beyond the traveller’s control?


There has been a lot of fun been done doing the most bus trips for £1.50

However, it does appear that “The ‘hour’ you get is actually 70 minutes!” so the £1.50 prediction if the third bus exactly 60 minutes later is probably right.

Allowing an extra 10 minutes seems pretty fair.

Agreed, TfL really do try their best!