JamClip map with archived video and stills

I’ve added an archive mode to my basic map of TfL JamClips, reaching back 1 month, if it is of any interest to people:


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Wow. That is excellent @dbrb2

I’m very impressed.

I can link that camera near me too, which is very cool.

Thanks. I have just seen you wrote some code to do something similar last month - I should probably have searched before I implemented it myself!

The basic site has been up for ages, but you can get some nice little animations as you flick through the video for a given camera over the course of a day

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Great app. Your list even includes two cameras near me that I knew existed, but could never display.

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I couldn’t get the buttons to load previous images on the map but a great idea/site, nicely put together :+1:
I love the wall/video feature, can this be performed for a particular locality or is it just by ascending camera number?

I have a similar site/PWA and have been archiving cam image clips for 30 days although in a slightly different format to this. The main map also includes bus/train departure info.

Google quotas forced me to seek an alternative mapbox version when the Google quota gets exceeded which is usually about midday UK although both version have live traffic overlays and cams which was the original objective.

Again, great site, nicely put together and thanks for sharing :+1:

Site/PWA Link
Clicking on the camera name will open the archive…

GitHub Code

Oh @OldManBrook - that is cool. And you’ve put it in git…I probably should, but haven’t yet! The good news is I fixed the archive mode. The bad news is I may have deleted the archive in the process…oh well, it will be full in another 29 days!

Thanks @dbrb2, confirmed working ok and a lovely piece of functionality I must say!

My archive is available as a zip download on each cam page if you need a set for testing…

Out of interest, how much space are you using to archive all video/images?
I’m pushing 200GB for 41 days worth of images and will be increasing to 60 days when I change host in 2 months.

Yeah, it’s a lot of space - probably up to about 400G, but I am hosting the server myself so that isn’t such a problem. I also mitigate overall size a little by checking the exif image data against the copy I already have, and only retrieving the image/video pair if a new video/image has been uploaded to AWS. That also makes the archive a little easier to browse, as you (should) never end up with multiple copies of the same image