Jouner planner date expired

I’ve noticed that the journey planner API is only returning results for dates up to the 2 December 2022. Checked TFLs own journey planner and the same issue is happening when you select a National Rail to National Rail stop points (e.g. London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meeds).

@mrmatthewhicks It’s probably related to the upcoming National Rail timetable change date - - but that’s actually Sunday 11 December 2022.

Thanks @briantist . A similar thing happened 3 years ago and my suspicions are that it’s the same thing:

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hi @mrmatthewhicks,

Your assumption is correct. The Journey Planner team are aiming to extend the calendar early next week.

I’ll update you once that has been done.


@jamesevans - do you know if the calendar has been updated yet? Thanks in advance.

Hi @mrmatthewhicks

The Journey Planner team are attempting to update this today, but there’s an issue with the build/release process for JP that we’re working on with the supplier.


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