Jouney Planner with fares

I’m making a journey planner app that allows users to enter two locations, run it thorugh google maps api to get logitude and latitude to feed into the tfl journey planner api to find the journey. But I have been trying to use an api to calculate the fares required for the journey presented. Is there a way to do it?

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Welcome @Autumn

On TfL you can use the “single fare finder” - Single fare finder - Transport for London and there is NRE Darwin endpoint for calculating the possible fares for train trips.

However the current fare structures within the UK are bizarre and complicated.

Can you explain what you might be trying to do?

The TfL endpoint should be returning fares to you…

APIs: Details - Transport for London - API show you can get the pricing back.

I just want tom use the an api to get the total cost of a journey. I have use the basic api call and it did not return the total cost and I’m wondering how to use tfl-28 to get the total cost

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It’s all in Journey planner (/Journey/JourneyResults/{from}/to/{to}) not returning fares and zone information

The single fare finder is done by, for example,

Hi, @Autumn, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, we’ve had to temporarily turn off Journey Planner’s ability to return fares whilst we fix some issues with the data. We’re urgently working to resolve this and hope to restore this feature soon.