Journey API - useMultiModal ignores 'via' location

Hi all, potentially a bit of a weird issue I’ve noticed while using the Journey API today,

It’s the first time I’m properly using it - so there may be something I’m missing here, but it seems like if I use the flag useMultiModal in my request, the journey options back all ignore the ‘via’ field in my request. This happens when I use that flag, and with any overrideMultiModalScenario number.

Can see this happening with the following urls (the via is around woolwich station)

Non multi modal:,-0.01748/to/51.428368425112424,-0.16769341302498017?nationalSearch=false&date=20240127&time=1300&timeIs=departing&routeBetweenEntrances=true&useMultiModalCall=false&via=51.4912883708253,%200.0702215019660749 - time is 92 mins and if you look through steps you can see woolwich

Using multi modal:,-0.01748/to/51.428368425112424,-0.16769341302498017?nationalSearch=false&date=20240127&time=1300&timeIs=departing&routeBetweenEntrances=true&useMultiModalCall=true&via=51.4912883708253,%200.0702215019660749 - time is 52 mins and no Woolwich in sight

Anyone know if there is there a reason for this or is this an API issue?

Also, the overrideMultiModalScenario and includeAlternativeScenarios params don’t seem to be in the API docs


Hi there!

This appears to be the behaviour of the journey planning engine we used, but I’ve reached out to our supplier for more information.

With regards to the documentation, which appears to be outdated, I believe this is something my colleague @SarahLS is looking to address.

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Hi again,

According to our supplier, multimodal requests do not support setting ‘via’ points. This is because ‘via’ points are not compatible with all modes and types of journeys that are possible with a multimodal request.

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Fair enough, that makes sense, thank you for looking into it!

If possible @SarahLS maybe that could be added to the api docs for via or useMultiModal when they’re updated?

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Hi @TomK Thanks for that suggestion, yes will get those bits added. Just compiling a list of updates - if you have any other helpful feedback re. documentation, do feel free to pass on.

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