Journey Planner API parameters

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does anyone know what parameters to use for the Journey Planner API to get the same results as the Journey Planner website? In particular, I’d like to get the time to transfer to the station included in the travel time.

For example when I search for a journey from Camden Town to Highgate on the website, I see that it takes 21 minutes, including transfer time and a 7 minute journey on the Tube. Whereas when I try the JP API with the same origin and destination (940GZZLUCTN to 940GZZLUHGT), I seem to only get the 7 minute journey on the Tube as the journey duration.
(JP API URL ttps://

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I think there is a difference between Highgate the place and Highgate the station. It’s certainly an energetic walk up that slope!

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yes indeed, it’s quite a slope! I live in the area, so I’m quite used to it :slight_smile:

the curious thing is that I’m using the same input for both the API and the journey planner website (the station id 940GZZLUHGT) and I’m getting different results.

The TfL website one includes the transfer to the station but the API response only shows the Tube journey as the journey duration (7 min). Ideally I’d like to get the same response as the website through the API, but not sure what parameters to select…

When you expand the message it’s the engineering works closing GG to Edgware

for the rebuilding of Colindale station - Colindale tube station to close for 7 months for major rebuilding works and Colindale and Northern line works - Transport for London

thanks, but these engineering works between GG and Edgware don’t seem to be affecting the duration of the journey between Camden Town and Highgate. I made the same query on the website, for a journey taking place on the 12th, after the end of engineering works and get the same result (21 minutes instead of 7 when I ping the API with the same origin and destination): link to journey results

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Hi @katiaparis Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post!

In response to your question - please try using the routeBetweenEntrances=true argument.

Hope this helps, thanks.