Journey planner displays incorrect name for bus stop

I plan a journey from Edmonton Green station to Keswick Drive, Enfield

Map View shows the journey correctly, alighting at stop H


But the text results are misleading

Stop H is actually named Totteridge Road, as correctly stated at :


Turkey Street Station is actually stop G, right down at the bottom. That’s the stop which the on board announcements state as Turkey Street Station. It is also the name used at

The result of following the text version of the instructions would be that the person has to walk an unnecessary extra 238 metres from stop H to stop G.

So, how and why is the Journey Planner getting the totally confusingTurkey Street Station name for stop H ? Is the journey planner using different stops data from the API ?

Looking at it closer, I can see it does mention Totteridge Road in the small print. But it’s the more prominent Turkey Street Station that stands out and causes confusion.

Now, what would be really useful is to present the results like this:


Waltham Cross is what actually appears on the bus. I’m sure that until the journey planner changed a few months ago, we had sensible “towards xxxxxx” like I’m showing above.

And the mention of Turkey Street Station is no relevance whatsoever, especially when it happens to also be the name of the previous bus stop.

The stops in this area have been tidied up to reflect their correct names. To provide a bit more detail, there are two main components to how stops are composed in Journey Planner - the overall “hub” name ie grouping the Totteridge Road stops in each direction into a combined stop. This is what appears in the 279 bus to ., section. The physical individual bus stop is a “stop point” and this is what the Naptan IDs which we communicate are allocated to. The hub names must be unique to prevent duplication in Journey Planner but the stop point names do not need to be unique - this is why the two names do not always match (although not the case here).

In terms of your suggestions about interface presentation, the data exists to provide this, and, in particular, we used to present the final destination as specified on the bus (as opposed to the final stop name on the route or the alighting point). This, however, would be for our User Experience team to determine as this is managed separately from the data itself.

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