Journey Planner 'Earlier journeys' button

On Wednesday I found myself at Acton Town wanting to go to Sudbury Town around 14:00 and no trains were shown on the platform indicators.

I had a look on Journey Planner and it advised that there was a train due around 14:22 and another about five minutes after that. Being curious I decided to click on the ‘Earlier Journeys’ button to see when the previous trains were but Journey Planner just returned the same current data, The only way I found to get the previous journeys was to edit the journey and pick a slightly earlier time, this then gave the earlier departures I was curious about (seemed I’d missed a train by three or four minutes).

I’ve just tried JP again today and it has the same issue.

Why doesn’t the ‘Earlier journeys’ button work in this scenario?


Hi, we are aware of and apologise for a bug in Journey Planner (ref #102827) where the Earlier and Later links don’t always works. This is because of incorrect logic in the way the time adjustments for those links are calculated. Where journey options are less frequent than 10 minutes, you may run into situations where the links don’t do anything.

This is actually why last month I asked if any open data users are using TimeAdjustments:

We will need to do some (ahem) adjustments to the way the TimeAdjustments are calculated, which should fix this bug. The development team are due to pick this up in the next few weeks, so please bear with us as we fix this.

Hi, yesterday we released a change to the way the earlier/later links in Journey Planner work. Although there may still be some cases where this issue still presents itself, the situation should be improved in the vast majority of scenarios, including the Acton Town → Sudbury Town example provided.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback.

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