Line status of for all lines for the given modes by DATE


Currently you can call the end point below to get the current status:


However if I wanted to get the status/disruptions in at a future date, I would have to enter every line ID individually into {ids}.


Is there an endpoint where I can put the mode, start and end date to get status/disruptions at a future date?

Many thanks

Ok figured it out. Documentation needs to be updated. Thanks

Hi Jason,

Did you find an endpoint specifically for what you were after? If so, do you mind sharing here? My understanding is that you do need to pass identifiers for each line when querying for future statuses by date i.e


Hi Malcolmb

It seems as though you’re able to pass the parameters startDate and endDate to the /Line/Mode/{modes}/Status end point, even though it doesn’t mention this in the documentation.

I hope this helps.

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