List of Installed Bus Countdown Signs

Is there a list of the bus stops (2,500) where the (popular) Countdown Signs have been installed?



Welcome back! I’m thinking that the answer is “no” from the API point of view. Looking at a stop I know has a display, I can’t see anything like that in there

You might be able to FoI the data from TfL?


Thanks for the welcome back…hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy.

Thanks for confirming there was no info for Countdown signs (they very useful and more needed).

I will submit a FoI request.


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For what it is worth, wasn’t it said that the number of Countdown screens was not going to be increased? The argument would be that people can get the same information on their smartphones (and of course they can get it before actually arriving at the stop). Not everyone has a smartphone, of course, but it does push the screens at stops down the priority list.


I don’t think they will put in more dot matrix LED ones but you do see the odd new HDTV in portrait here and there.

You are correct. Here is TfL statement regarding Countdown Signs:

We have no funding to add more Countdown signs at stops.

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