Live bus and river bus arrivals API (instant)



I was trying to get the information about the bus stop closer to the current position and I have seen this API: Live bus and river bus arrivals API (instant) e.g: “,-0.14191,250&StopPointState=0&ReturnList=StopCode1,StopPointName,Bearing,StopPointIndicator,StopPointType,Latitude,Longitude

But i have read that we should call directly to “” instead of use other domains that are old domains and APIs.

In fact I have realized that I can not add the API_ID or API_KEY to the “”.

Could you please let me know what is the official recommendation?

Many thanks,



The feed you mention there is Countdown which is one of our legacy source data feeds and does not require an App or API key.

Our official line is that wherever possible, to call our Unified API ( with your App & API keys.

One of of blog articles, Location of Things should give you some ideas on how to formulate a call including Lat/Long.

James Evans
TfL Online Operations