Live Updates in iOS?

Hi all,

I’m a fairly new developer, so this question might not be the brightest – please be nice to me: Is there a way of getting live updates pushed from the server in a native iOS app? If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

I am interested in building a native iOS app for custom arrival boards.
I’ve read about the option to use SignalR to receive live updates from the server. However, I do not think that I can use SignalR directly in iOS. is there any other way of getting live updates push from the server right when they are available, or do I have to ping the server every 30sec for updates?

Many many thanks for your help in advance, Stephan



Use a multi-curl call in a cron job (on your server) and dump them into a database table. It takes about three seconds to get all the lines.


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Hi, one of our iOS developers has managed to build an app that uses our SignalR feed, so it seems to be possible. There may be a SignalR library available, or since SignalR is built on Websockets, you may be able to use a Websocket library.

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Many thanks for the hint @briantist - very much appreciated

Sounds interesting - many thanks @LeonByford