Low Use Marked bus stop - help me find one

Hello lovely people

We are looking to find a TfL stop (ATCOCode starting 490) that has less than 5 buses a day, that is also a Marked stop.

A Marked Stop is one that has a flag at least.

Can you help me - as this is worse than a needle in a haystack! We are looking for some to test our frequency checking API - and London stops are having a LOT of buses per day.


Dr J

Hi! Route 347 only runs four times per day, so perhaps one of the bus stops that are only served by that route?

Chester Avenue (490005125E), for example.

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Thank you! Exactly what we wanted…

Though TLDR; in New Olympic Data (NOD) it looks like all of TfL controlled stops are going to be PROBABLY_TRUE for accessible as finding a marked stop that isn’t is a mission…