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I have a small doubt in Metropolitan line API result set, while working with TFL APIs I encountered an issue.


In the response under the “orderedLineRoutes” collection there 5 routes are listed at the 2 position the Line name is “Chesham to Watford” and its routes stations are listed as followed NaptanIds by sequence.

940GZZLUCSM – Chesham
940GZZLUCAL – Chalfont & Latimer
940GZZLUCYD – Chorleywood
940GZZLURKW – Rickmansworth
940GZZLUCXY – Croxley
940GZZLUWAF – Watford

My doubt is with respect to map sequence [Croxley] station is correct in the route sequence under the API response?

However, it should be like this:

940GZZLUCSM – Chesham
940GZZLUCAL – Chalfont & Latimer
940GZZLUCYD – Chorleywood
940GZZLURKW – Rickmansworth
940GZZLUMPK – Moor Park
940GZZLUCXY – Croxley
940GZZLUWAF – Watford

Can you please let me know under the API response the sequence of stations or naptanids are correct or not? If yes - Why?

Please see the given image for clarification.

I think the junction north of Moor Park allows trains from the Chesham direction to get to Watford without going via Moor Park. I was surprised that there are any such journeys to be honest but they are very rare, hence no indication that there might be such a service on the map.


The true layout of the lines is this, rather than what the “tube map” shows.

Thanks Michael and Brian!

The information is more then expected and ground level.

Map does not show any indication on “Rickmansworth Station”.

Latest Map

If my application show the following path between Chesham to Watford is acceptable?

– Chalfont & Latimer
– Chorleywood
– Rickmansworth
– Croxley

However, most of the application considered “Moor Park” between Chesham to Watford journey.


Whilst is IS possible for trains to use the “Watford East Junction”, they don’t for passenger services except for the very rare occasions when there is engineering work that does.

As a normal passenger, and I have done this, you have to go Moor Park and go from Platform 4 (Southound local) to Platform 3 (Northbound local) to get to Watford.


I’ve just had a look at the Datastore file for the Met. There is a journey at 05:16 from Chesham to Watford and the stop sequence for that is Rickmansworth followed by Croxley. No mention of Moor Park. The journey is advertised on Journey Planner so presumably in service rather than an out of service rolling stock movement.

So, while for 99% of the day (and 99.9% of all passengers) it would be necessary to change trains at Moor Park, there is at least one exception and the stop sequence would correctly exclude Moor Park and it must be the actual train movement that the OP is querying.

I can also see non-standard routeings specified from Amersham to Watford and from Croxley to Amersham, again probably for a single journey.


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Yes, it’s a Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines (listing regular passenger trains over obscure rail routes in the British Isles)

Watford North Junction - Watford East Junction [ London Underground ]
Mondays to Fridays :
0512/0516* Chesham - Watford
0608 Rickmansworth - Watford
0019 MO, 0049 TWThFO Watford - Rickmansworth
Saturdays :
0512/0516* Chesham - Watford
0049 Watford - Rickmansworth
Sundays :
0700 Rickmansworth - Watford

Services round the Watford North curve have varied over the years. You can find some previous dates on my web site at During the recent timetables there was a period with a 2 tph service between Watford and Chesham that way, possibly by extending half the 4 tph Watford service.


Nice to see you back here!

I did take your wonderful works on the track layouts to Wikipedia, but they were not liked :frowning: Here’s your Bakerloo line as a Wikipedia track layout

I wrote a script that generates your layouts in other formats, which helped a lot with the damn awful Wiki coding!

I do actually keep an eye on the forum, but don’t get round to posting much.

I’m afraid the Bakerloo diagram is messed up. Let’s see:

  • Stanmore branch came off the Up Slow, not the Up New Lines;
  • Willesden junction bay faces the other way and joins both tracks;
  • no tunnels south of Kensal Green;
  • wrong layout at many stations (e.g. Kensal Green has outside platforms, not an island; Piccadilly Circus is the opposite);
  • Baker Street links to the Jubilee are on the wrong tracks;
  • two Oxford Circuses, both with the wrong layout;
  • London Road depot link is missing.


Thanks for those comments. I actually abandoned what I was doing as no-one liked my


Perhaps I might go back and finish them as I see someone has improved the Jubilee one.